Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Acquire the Fire

In 9 days i will be heading to the cities for a youth conference called Aqcuire the Fire. Im a senior this year so its my last year as a student at ATF. When i was in 7th Grade God used Acquire the fire to change my life. It pushed me from a passive life, and an even more passive faith, into a passionate life and a faith that went deeper than words and spilled over into my actions. I try to live out that faith in every aspect of my life. Im coming with a very small group this year instead of a bigger one, there's only 10 of us but i see potential in the lives of everyone of those coming for God to move in them and impact their lives in a huge way through ATF. I know that God uses this conference in big ways and i can't wait to hear what God will reveal to me this year.
I started this blog as a project for social studies and i wasn't and am still not sure if i'll ever really get into blogging, but if I do from here on out the posts will not be about the latest news story but rather about things that have a bigger impact on my life personally.