Friday, February 12, 2010

ATF follow up

With amazing speakers and purposeful dramas as well as worship and top notch Christian bands Acquire the Fire never disappoints. I learned so much this year about love in so many different aspects. God's love for us, our love to those around us and yes of course even romantic love. Our speaker Joel Johnson, the main speaker, made us laugh but held our attention and guided us in a meaningful journey through Bible passages, history and many other sources to drive his points home and I know that God used him in a big way over the weekend. The speaker that we had the first night was named Nick. He was born without arms and legs. He told us his story and explained to us that his disability is visible to everyone, but ours aren't. We all have our weaknesses and shortcomings. His is physical but for some of us it's spiritually or emotionally. He told us that he used to pray every night for a miracle. That God would give him arms and legs but he never got them. Then one day when he was speaking to a church group of about 3000 people he looked out into the crowd and saw a little boy near the front... with no arms and legs. He called him up on stage with him and his father brought him up. It brought tears to his eyes and he asked them to supper after the show. The boys parents had been told that their son would never walk or anything like that which nick could do and that there was no one else like him. It was then that Nick realized something... Sometimes if God doesn't give you a miracle he makes you someone elses miracle instead. God really used this weekend and everyone came home with something else that God had layed on their hearts. It was a wonderful experience :)

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