Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dread....and Excitement!

Yes its true. I am dreading saying goodbye to my friends, my family and my amazing boyfriend. I keep reminding myself that its not 4 years all at once that I'll be away. Its truly only 4 months away then 1 month home. Then 4 months away then 3 months home. Then repeat the process 4 times. I know I'll survive and I know that God has amazing things in store for me out there. As the dread and apprehension increase so does my excitement to experience something new. I've already started getting to know so many amazing people that will be attending Gordon with me in the fall and i know that Im going to get along with them all splendidly. In all of this God knows my heart, my emotions, my setbacks and my hopes. The things I'll long for, the things I'll miss, The people my heart will ache to see. The new things that will make me smile, laugh, the new friends I'll make, the wonderful experiences I'll have and the spiritual growth i'll experience there in a thriving community of believers. So now at the end of my rambling I'll simply say that I know Gods in control, keep living for him :) God bless you!

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