Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today God confirmed something for me. I love working with youth. Especially Junior High and Im sure that I'll enjoy Senior High more once Im out of it. Some days I feel like nothing I do really makes a difference but getting up today and watching my peers go up and share their stories and their experiences, watching the reactions of some of the kids and just looking around and knowing some of the things that those Junior High students are dealing with... Man I can't even explain what came over me. I really feel like Im being called into Youth Ministry but it can be so discouraging when you feel like you're not having impact but God gave me a glimpse of something today. And i guess the way i'd explain it is hope. Hope that our society, our teens, and the problems they face aren't too far gone, that those who are hurting and those who stray down the wrong path really need someone to love them and show them that there is another way and just be a friend. I can't even believe some of the things that they have to deal with in SEVENTH grade! Its crazy! But wow to watch the people who do step up and just dont let that hold them back astounds me. I had so many of those kids come up to me or talk to me on facebook about the stories that were shared and the biggest thing that came up seemed to be this amazing song that my friend Sam wrote. It really challenged them and made them consider the way they were treating their peers.. and those are there words not mine. I am proud of all the groups that came in and listened and Im so thankful for the other highschoolers i was with and for the courage they have in sharing some really personal things and for the examples that they are to those kids and to me! I guess Im kind of rambling but this is just me trying to put that small feeling that swept over me into words...
Then I got to speak at the 7th grade FCA.... There were kids sitting on the floor! They have the courage to leave there friends once a week, mix up who there hanging out with, and do something that in our society and in middle school culture isn't really very popular and whether you see it or not that is a hard thing to do.. But I'll tell ya something. I have never been so proud of a group of kids in my life. I remember how hard it was in 7th grade to do things even a little bit differently and I am so glad that these are the kids that are soon gonna be leaders and actually already are in their school and soon they'll move on to Jefferson and be leaders there. They are such strong, bold examples of Christ and i know that God is gonna use them in big ways!


  1. And thanks to people like you, lives will continue to be changed as long as you continue to let the Holy Spirit work through you and give Him all the credit for everything. :) Keep up the good work, Sarah!

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