Thursday, April 1, 2010


Im in a facebook group called Protect Marriage: One Man and One Woman but they posted something today saying that it was impossible to be a christian and then be gay, but don't we all stray and fall into sin? Im not condoning it at all, Im just saying that we need to love people where they are and putting them down is not gonna draw them back to Christ. This is what I said. Feel free to agree or disagree or correct me in what I've said but as far as Im concerned the bottom line is sin is sin, Christ died for our sins and is willing to forgive us if we repent. If they've come to Christ and then turn from him for a period I dont believe that they are no longer Christians i just believe that they need to repent of their sin and turn back to Christ. Granted I think that the way Christians handle is different then how an unbeliever handles it. I mean Christians can still be tempted or tricked into thinking that they're born that way and they can even fall into that temptation but they will be ashamed of it and feel guilty and repent but it doesnt mean they wont commit that sin. Unbelievers however will not feel shame at their behavior and will stand by the worlds view and will not see any need to turn from that type of a lifestyle. I'd say the difference is lifestyle choice vs temporary sin followed by repentance. Here's what I posted:

1. God loves them 2. He hates the sin 3. Quite a few of the comments that had been posted above blatantly disregarded commands in the Bible to love, not judge, and to consider your own sin before pointing fingers. 4. Sin is sin its ignorant to think that we can tell a white lie here and there or slip up and use a bad word but still be a believer because of the amazing thing that Jesus Christ did for us on the cross and then turn around and say that someone who is commiting a different sin can not be a christian. 5. Im NOT saying it's right, I joined that group because i believe its wrong I am simply saying that we have to guard what we say and make sure that we have the right motives when you say that you're supposed to keep your brothers and sisters in Christ in line are you saying that out of love or are you saying it because you view this sin as worse than any of your own? 6. I hope you all have a blessed Easter and realize that this is the time of year that shows exactly how much God was willing to sacrafice for his children to cover over a great multitude of sins so that we could be with him even though we all sin.

Can we start a discussion on this? I'd like some feedback, what do you guys think?


  1. Here's a response that another lady left on the post, I thought it was pretty good:

    I personally believe that, according to the Bible, homosexuality is a sin. The Bible is clear about this. However, I believe that people can fall and sin while they are a Christian. Let me say though, there will be a great difference between the sin of a lost soul, and the sin of a Christian. Say a lady is lost, and she is homosexual. She will love that sin, it will reign in her life. She will not fight against this sin, she will rather love it and dwell in it. She will not be convicted over it, because the Holy Ghost isn't in her. On the other hand, say she is a Christian. She may still be tempted by homosexual lust, and she may give in. But it will be a fight against evil, and a stumbling-block. Unlike before when the sin held the reigns of her heart. She will be grieved and convicted over this sin. I really hope this makes sense. Yes, homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God. But when we examine the scriptures, we are all concluded under sin, and we all rightfully deserve hell. Homosexuality was nailed to the cross, the same as every other sin that we commit. Homosexuals are not hopeless and beyond Salvation. They need the Gospel to free them from prison, as we all do. -God bless.

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