Thursday, April 15, 2010


Science is absolutely my least favorite subject by far. I mean after we've talked about molecules and how they bond then we find out we have to write a nearly two page paper on, yup you guessed it, water of all things. But ya know what as much as i resented writing that paper on the unique properties of water it really made me think. We had to focus on 6 different characteristics of water and most of those unique properties don't make sense scientifically but ya know what blows my mind? If the properties of water were any different than they were life as we know it here on Earth would cease to exist. Suddenly that little lightbulb above my head went off, okay just kidding, there was no lightbulb but still i realized that we serve an almighty God and a glorious Creator who specifically designed every aspect of our world to support his creation. How amazing is that to think about? All those little things that make life possible, if any one of them was different we wouldn't be able to survive but God worked out all those tiny little details specifically. Pretty cool huh?

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