Monday, April 26, 2010

A joyful Heart

As i slid into the church pew on sunday i was a little bit distracted and ready to sit out a sermon that i knew would be good, but i still wasn't much in the right mind or rather "heart"set. And then something new, a woman with a walker sat down in the pew in front of us. Little did i know that she was going to teach me an even bigger lesson than the sermon that day. As the worship music started the woman in front of us began to dance, lift her hands, and sway side to side. She didnt care what anyone thought. I looked at her and what i saw in her face caught be off guard. Authentic, Genuine Joy. She was praising God and she didnt care what anyone thought. I glanced around and i saw the smirks on the face of some of the kids sitting in the pew across from us. They didnt get it they didnt see what i saw but it didnt matter. I was transfixed on her. I realized that I wanted to be consumed in the same way she was. I watched her throughout the rest of the service, maybe i should have been paying closer attention to the sermon but i couldn't help it. Everytime the pastor said Jesus or God her face lit up she amened (idk if thats a word) in agreement with the sermon and during the video that played during communion she sang along even though no one else was. It wasn't about attention, in fact it was like for her no one else existed. This was about her praising God. Maybe for me it isnt dancing or speaking outloud my agreement to a sermon but i want to have that passion, i want to burn when i hear the name of Jesus Christ. So thats my prayer, to have a heart that desires God and his will more than anything in life. I hope you guys feel the same way, God bless you!


  1. wow sarah! This is awesome. I got chills reading this. This is so true, we are so caught up in what people think when we worship. This lady sounds like she was a amazing blessing to you that day. Thats great! :)

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