Friday, March 26, 2010

Do all things joyfully and out of love

Sometimes i look back on the times where i was forced to kind of "grow up" in hurry, with regret. But other times i realize that God put me in those situations for a reason. When my dad and step mom got divorced i cooked and cleaned and did the laundry. I did the grocery shopping and brought my little sister to arabic school on saturdays and it wasn't always fun but i did it out of love for my family. Right now i'm laying on the living room floor. I'd been laying on the couch upstairs so i'd be able to hear my dad if he needed anything downstairs but everytime he moved, or inhaled deeply, or moaned i'd rush downstairs afraid that something was wrong. I realized that i wasn't going to get any rest that way so i brought my blanket and pillow downstairs. I love my dad and the rest of my family and i realize that i may not ever get the chance to witness to them, and if i do it may not be anytime soon. But there are things i can do. I can love them, and serve them, and sacrafice for them. I can do everything joyfully and out of love as if i'm doing it for Christ. I can do my best to reflect God's love for them, even if i can't talk to them about it right now.

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