Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You can see God in anything.....

Have you ever had a thought that turned into an analogy when you thought about it longer? It happened to me about two o'clock this morning. It's not the best analogy but without all my devotionals and such, reminders while Im at my dad's house are a blessing. So here's the story, I'd been in a small car accident (nothing serious) and a piece of my fender had fallen off and the bulb for my right hand turn signal and everything around it had been shattered. I drove around like this for a week or two but when i brought the car to my father's house he saw the damage and told me that I deserved better and he would fix it for me. He took it into the shop and it took a little time to track down the right pieces in the right color but it happened. A few days later he drove the car back with me in the passenger seat, he took it through the car wash and vaccumed it and it looks really nice again. It looks like new, it will still need oil changes, car washes, tire rotations and it will need to be filled with gas on a regular basis but its fixed.
I think that God, our heavenly father does the same for his children, he wants us to be happy and he wants us to have life and have it to the fullest. When we stray from the road that he has for us we get hurt and our relationship with him suffers. God calls us back to him and he can restore us fully, it takes time and the process is never done but he can heal all our hurts and pains if we're willing to let him have control. Once the process of restoring our relationship with him is started we have to keep being "refueled" by digging into his word, prayer and fellowship with other believers. But unlike a 300 dollar car repair God paid the ultimate price for our restorations and repairs; his son. Who knew that a simple car repair could remind me that God isn't finished with me and that If I turn to him he can restore me. I may make a wrong turn here and there but I'll never be completely lost because ultimately he's in control.

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