Monday, March 1, 2010

So i dug out my CHIC notes....

Day 1
- We are not born as ordinary human beings. We are unique.
- Somewhere between our 1st and last breaths we lose the extra-ordinary essence of our being by living just an ordinary life
- Will my life really count?
- God places dreams and passions inside of us, but sometimes the rubble of our lives gets in the way
-If we made our dreams/passion our whole life would our world change?
-If we all had the courage to dream to change the world then we would find we had the courage to live out the dreams that God placed on our hearts.
-Live the dream God dreamed for you before you took your first breath.
-Don't let fear, doubt or lack of faith get in the way of the dream God has for you.
-There are things in our lives we can't do by ourselves, but there are also things that he has called us to do that he won't do for us
-Sometimes you have to jump and trust that God will catch you in mid-air

Day 2
-God has something for each of us
2 Corinthians 5:11-13
- Passionate people either scare us or create more passionate people
-What does it look like to be compelled by Christ?
1. We can't be compelled by Christ unless we truly know him/ spend time with him
2. Spend Time in Prayer
3. Spend time with others/fellowship
4. Am I talking about and living out of past faith experiences or am i building more? Is there progression in my faith?
5.Faith is something you do, not something you simply possess.
6. Touch the presence of God even if just for a moment and it will ruin everything else in comparison (thats a good thing!)
-Serving is simply loving others for their benefit not yours.
-Work w/o love is worthless
-Results in blessings for others and freedom for us
-Are you willing to put everything aside for the sake of Christ???

Shane Clayborne
-Kingdom isn't something we should look forward to its something that should be accomplished here on Earth
- " A lot of people tell stories like 'my life was messed up and then i met Jesus'... well for me it was pretty much the opposite. I pretty much had it all together and then i met Jesus and he MESSED ME UP. Im still recovering from my conversion."
-The best thing to do with the best things in life is to give them away.
-We're made to live for God's kingdom and use our lives to see it realized here on Earth.
-Epic Fail "How are you preparing for the economic crisis?.... we're building 5 new jails." WRONG!
-God is anything but safe... But God is good
-Christians were never meant to be normal. We were meant to be holy troublemakers
-Life Overcomes death and love overcomes hatred

Day 3
- "If you have sex before marriage its not a 'test drive' Its carjacking! Someday that'll be someone else's spouse."
- 1 Samuel 14:1-7
-God's promise is always bigger then your perhaps
- "Love desires to please someone else at the expense of self because love wants to give."

Human (sex) Trafficking
-Fastest growing criminal industry in the world
-17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked annually into the US
- But the # within the country is even higher at 200,000.

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